2015-09-18 05.14.071000Richie Schatz joined the family business at an early age…  passionate about the legacy of his family business, he has worked side by side with his father, through out his life and full time for the last 10 years. He has created Richie’s burger Rub, A hearty and home cooked prepared food menu for take out and now most recently Richie’s Burger Joint, with opening of their new location at 2665 Broadway between 101st & 102nd St.

He is dedicated just like his father and those that came before him to customer service and prime quality meat, poultry and all that come with a top rated Butcher selection check out the selection schatziethebutcher.com.

And now the best Prime burger, with fresh meats ground every 30 minutes….  a robust selection of IPA’s wings and other schatzie specialities and favorites….come in and meet the family and enjoy a meal….  Richie will always welcome you with open arms.

richie burger

new burger

more wings